Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hofner Verythin Fretboard - 2

Finished up restoring the fretboard on the Hofner. The inlay had shrunk and lifted, the rosewood had lots of wear, and the frets were lifting.

I resurfaced the rosewood and inlays and sorted out the frets with a bit of re-seating, filing, crowning and polishing. Finally some lemon oil and it looks brand new. Next step is the headstock and inlays- I will post some pic's and info in a few days.

Tim Ellis

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hofner Verythin Fretboard

The inlays on the Hofner had shrunk over its 50 year life so I had to drop fill with pigmented superglue. Once filled I will resurface and level the inlays- check back in a few days for the results.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hofner Verythin Restoration

Just started restoring a nice 1963 Hofner Verythin. The inner bracing was bad causing the top to belly. I introduced some moisture back into the top and bracing - a bit of titebond and a few clamps solved the issue. More pix to come.

Removed the hardware to fix the bad bracing etc.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Custom Jazzmaster Build

Custom Jazzmaster Build - 1 piece mahogany body with bookmatched flame/quilt maple cap. Danish oil finish (pic shows the body with 1st coat applied)

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Setup's are now £55

I am sorry to have to do this but I have to raise the price for my Guitar setup's to £55. I have been charging £45 for the past two and a half years. With the VAT increase and everything else costing more these days I just have to do it.

I strongly believe my setups are the most comprehensive available in the UK - researching other Luthier's services I see that a fret dress (i.e. Stoning ~ if required) is never included in the price of the setup, neither is servicing the electronics, shaping and filing existing nuts, etc. A comparable setup from other Luthiers is in excess of £70 (try parking in Cardiff for free..)

Again, sorry to have to raise my prices - I hope you understand. Also don't forget its free to park at my workshop!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sale on old Inventory and Trade in's

I am having a bit of a clear out here at the workshop - check out the list below for Guitars I have on sale:

TC Ellis Flying VWhiteChromeFloyd, 2 x Humbuckers199
TC Ellis RR Style VBlackGoldFixed Bridge, Through Body199
Johnson Les Paul StyleMet. BlueGoldBigsby style trem150
Wesley Tele ThinlineBlue BurstChromeF hole89
PRS Tremonti SEPlatinum Met.ChromeFixed Bridge, PRS Gig Bag275
Harley Benton SGTrans. CherryChromeFixed Bridge, Bolt On99
Bowood SGTrans CherryChromeFixed Bridge, Bolt On75
Vintage Zip (LP Jr.)Bronze MetBlackFixed Bridge, 1 x HB99
TC Ellis ExplorerTrans BlueBlackFloyd, Flame Maple175
TC Ellis ExplorerTrans RedBlackFloyd, Flame Maple175
TC Ellis WolfTrans AmberChromeFloyd, Flame Maple175
TC Ellis WolfTrans RedChromeFloyd, Flame Maple175
TC Ellis WolfTrans AmberChromeFloyd, Quilted Maple175
TC Ellis WolfTrans RedChromeFloyd, Flame Maple175
TC Ellis WolfAmberChromeFloyd, Quilted Maple175
TC Ellis TelecasterTrans WhiteChromeAAA Flame Neck, Contour250
Squire TeleButterscotchChrome155
Squire TeleSeafoam GreenChromeAffinity125
Squire StratFiesta RedChrome70's headstock, rosewood155
Squire StratTobacco SunburstChrome2 x Wilkinson HB, Rosewood149
Acoustic Solutions
Starcaster StratBlack MetChrome70's headstock, Rosewood75
Squire Strat - LEFTYTobacco SunburstChrome70's headstock - LEFTY99
Gear4Music Strat LEFTYBlackChromeLEFTY55
Ibanez GIORedChromeSingle Cut, 2 x Humbuckers75
Ibanez GIOWhite RelicChromeDouble Cut, 2 x HB75
Ibanez EX SeriesBlueBlackSuper Strat H/S/H (non Floyd)99
Ibanez GIOBlackChromeSuper Strat H/S/H (non Floyd)135
Ibanez GRG 170MBlackChromeSuper Strat with Maple fb. non Floyd

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

John Mayer Heavy Relic Strat - "The Black One"

I am just finishing up this custom build - its primarily based on John Mayer's "Black One" Stratocaster, with a few changes as requested by my customer. Solid Alder Body with heavy relicing exactly the same as the original except it wont cost you the $19,500 that the Fender Custom Shop replica's cost.

Bare Knuckle '63 Pickups (Sweet as the come!)
Bare Knuckle 280K CTS Pots
Fender USA Vintage Trem

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