Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bird Fish Guitar

I have been going through my collection & I thought I would share this amazing guitar with you. The guitar is called a "Bird Fish" and is made by Ulrich Teuffel of Teuffel Guitars -

This is the most unique guitar I have ever seen or played - it was made for me in 2005 and I have cherished it ever since. Click on the pictures for a bigger version.

From the website:
"The body consists of the two tonebars which are screwed on both central elements "bird" and "fish". The neck is bolted onto the upper element "bird" while the lower "fish" carries the control box in which you find the guitar electronics. A rail between "bird" and "fish" holds the slideable pickups. All three pickups can be exchanged with each other within seconds."

The guitar itself plays like a dream - it it the most professionally set up guitar I own. As for sound - it will do what ever you want. I can make it sound more like a 1957 Stratocaster than my actual 1957 Strat!





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