Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Guitars, £75 Setups, Strats and more...

Happy New Year to everyone - thank you to all who have purchased one of my guitars. They have been very well received in the guitar community. I have some available still if you are interested, please email me your colour choice & I can get some pictures out to you.

I will have my Series 2 "Les Paul" styled guitars available in about a month - here is a pic of my prototype & some production images:

Ebony Fingerboards routed out for inlays:
Mahogany Body in Flame Maple:


Select Mahogany Body & Neck
Ebony Fingerboard with D"Angelico New Yorker style split block inlays
Double bound body (like a Les Paul Custom)
Hand Shaped Bone Nut
Matching woods for top & back - Flame Maple, Quilted Maple, Spalted Maple, Birdseye Maple
Uncovered "Zebra Style" pickup option

...and now for the cool bit...

PREMIUM Electronics Package Installed: 4 x Push Pull Pots with specialised wiring to give over 22 different sounds -Each volume is also a push pull coil cut, coil/tap control for its pickup. These work all the time and switch the humbucker into single coil mode for a clean, crisp tone. Having one for each pickup allows the widest range of tones possible.Another push pull pot is a phase switch, switching one pickup out of phase with the other. A funky, “trick” tone with a lot of uses for rhythm playing, funky leads, and a real cutting tone. The last push pull pot places the two pickups in series - this is a huge, big fat tone - both humbuckers become one giant humbucker for a monster tone. This is a really exclusive wiring setup and will give the guitar many voices other than the traditional "Les Paul / Humbucker" sound.

As always, this guitar will come with a complete and comprehensive setup, and a Hard Case.

I have a few nice Mahogany Strat bodys and necks looking for new owners- I can build you a custom Strat in Spalted / Flame or Quilted Maple with Mahogany body, flame maple neck, birdseye maple fretboard and your choice of DiMarzio or EMG's for around £650 (about the same as an off the shelf USA production line Strat) - please contact me for more details if interested.

I am now offering a setup service for customers own guitars for £75 - This includes a full fret dress (mill, crown & polish) under simulated string tension, hand shaped bone nut, action setup, truss rod adjustment, graphite lube, clean & polish and electronics checkup PLUS shipping back to you (deduct £11 if you are local) If you have a guitar that you love, but have never had it properly set up you have to get this done - it will improve your playing ability overnight!

Finally, here is a picture of a Jazz / Blues Semi Acoustic I have for sale @ £175:

Mahogany front & back, rosewood fretboard, bone nut, set up & plays like a dream (no case sorry)

Thanks again to everyone and please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

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