Friday, January 23, 2009

Series 2 Pictures and Wiring Info.

Series 2 Pictures:

Thought I would put up a more detailed explaination of the wiring that is standard on the Series 2 - click on the picture for a bigger version - be sure to scroll down the page for more info.

Bridge Volume Pot:
Pulling out the bridge volume pot control puts both pickups in serial mode and bypasses the selector switch. Thus both pickups will be in series with the selector switch in any position. In this position the bridge volume and tone control work regularly as master controls, while the neck tone control works like a trebel booster, brightening up the sound in a broadbucker configuration.

Neck Volume Pot:
The neck volume pot switch puts the neck pickup out of phase. The effect is audible when both pickups are selected, that is in a serial mode or, when the guitar is in parallel mode, with the pickup selector in the middle position. Moreover, whe the neck pickup is in single coil mode, this switch selects which coil will be on.

Bridge Tone Pot:
Pulling the bridge tone pot switches the bridge pickup from the serial humbucker to parallel (dual sound) or, when the neck tone control is pulled too, to single coil.

Neck Tone Pot:
The neck tone pot switches the neck pickup to single coil and, when the bridge tone control is pulled, it also switches the bridge pickup to single coil.

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