Sunday, March 8, 2009

Red Quilted Strat Build - Part 3

Todays task - Tuners, Trem and Shielding.

Installed the tuner bushings – no problems

Using a fret file as a straight edge to align the tuners

Checking the trem block:

I like to check the trem block and top plate prior to installation. I lightly file the edges of the string pilot holes in the trem block to be sure there are no rough edges which may cause string breakage.

Also check the finish in the top plate pilot holes (where the bridge pivots).
Measuring and marking the position of the trem bridge prior to drilling the 6 holes.

Installing the trem claw:

Trem springs – note the really handy trem spring tool – a must for Strat owners.

Installed copper shielding to the cavitys and checked for electrical continuity

Guitar with the pickguard taped on:

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