Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Series 3 Prototype

I have been working on my Series 3 Prototype - its a double cutaway hollowbody similar in body shape to my series 1. The construction is neck through so its a really solid guitar for a hollowbody.

The electronics are currently zebra style humbuckers, but I am leaving this aspect fairly open right now - I am thinking fat P90's or 4 conductor pups with coil tapping out of phase via a small switch or push pull pots. Optional speed style or witches hat knobs.

The neck is quite fat, much fatter and wider than my Series 1 production, but the radius is still quite flat.

I am also thinking that a traditional Les Paul Style 2 piece bridge may be a better style.


  1. Hi tim, I have emailed you on about a series 1 hollowbody, but i could also be interested in one of these!

    I look forward to your reply!


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