Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Workshop and Series 2 Update

Hello to everyone following this blog. I just need to do a quick post as I am somewhat unavailable at present. I have taken a lease on a new workshop location and am in the process of kitting it out with my tools etc. The workshop also serves as a small retail outlet so you can come and try out my guitars, amps, and pickups as well.

I am sorry if I have been a bit unreachable lately - its taking up all my time. I have the Series 2 guitars in stock, but I am not 100% happy about the fretboard inlay markers. The inlay material is real Mother-of-Pearl which is very detailed and colourfull, but a few of the markers are not perfect so I am still working on them. Everything else about the guitars is excellent - the top & back woods are really breathtaking - the pickups are excellent with the enhanced electronics package giving a wide range of tones from the guitar & as always they play really great.

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