Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spalted Maple Strat, Mahogany Body,Birdseye Neck

Finally building this Strat - its got a Mahogany Body with Spalted Maple top wood. The neck is an insane piece of birdseye maple with a birdseye maple cap fretboard and abalone dot markers. The pickups are Fender Custom Shop '69's - wound by and signed by Abigail Ybarra (She has been working at Fender since 1956 - she has wound pickups for Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton & Jimi Hendrix!!)

The Trem is a Fender USA "Vintage" unit and the rest of the hardware is Fender USA - apart from the tuners which are Wilkinson Deluxe Vintage Kluson Style with split posts. It's a Custom Shop Specification Strat that I am able to build for less than the price as a basic "off the shelf" USA Strat - As always the guitar will be set-up on my neck jig etc.

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