Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mantis Mark II Pototype

The prototype is coming along well - I am installing a Schaller Hannes bridge on this one. The quality of the top wood was not addressed on this guitar as it is a shape & function prototype - it may be modified some more before final production. I have also been in touch with Bare Knuckle Pickups - I can now offer them on all my guitars - contact me for pricing. I am hoping to use them exclusively for the Mantis 2 production.
Sorry about the poor picture quality:

Build Specs:
Mahogany Body & Neck with a really comfortable neck joint (see pic below)
Choice of neck scale and profile
Choice of top woods subject to availability (Maple variants etc)
Rosewood or Ebony Fretboard
Choice of any design markers (tree of life 24 frets on the prototype)
ANY bridge - your choice (hard tail, trem, floyd rose etc)
ANY pickup configuration (H/H, S/S/S, S/S/H etc)
Coil Tap, Out of Phase etc will be standard on all Mantis 2
Traditional machine heads or locking - your choice
At this point I am totally open to any design suggestions you may have - production will begin at the end of April.
Back of the Guitar showing the neck joint:

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