Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Zemaitis "Ron Wood" Disk Front For Sale £4,500

Zemaitis Custom Shop Disc Front™ Guitar – this is a new, unplayed guitar that is very rare in the U.K. marketplace. This guitar has a RRP of $13,000 USD - That’s almost £9,300 and retails for approximately $8,500 USD - just over £6,000. I am offering this extremely collectible guitar for sale at £4,500. This is a world class guitar – I believe you can not buy a better built guitar than this.

Body: 3-Piece Honduras Mahogany
Body Shape: Disc Front Original
Neck: 3-Piece Honduras Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony 12 1/32" (=305mm)
Frets: 24
Frets Scale: 25"(=635mm)
Tuners: Schaller M6
Pickups: DiMarzio Custom PAF (DP103) x 3
Controls: 5 Way Selector Switch, Master Volume, 3-Tone
Bridge: Hand-crafted solid duralumin
Tailpiece: Hand-crafted solid duralumin

The original Zemaitis Disc Front™ was made for Ronnie Wood to his specification.
Ronnie Wood had a 3-humbucker pickup arrangement and a 'treasure map' engraved on the Disc Front™ which was designed by Danny O'Brien.

Tony made only a small number of these guitars – each a little different as no two Zemaitis guitars were ever identical. Here's your chance to have a piece of rock 'n' roll history.
Elaborate engraving, breathtaking pearl or exquisite inlays, the creations of Tony Zemaitis attracted more famous players than any other UK maker. You could say that Zemaitis Guitars are England’s Glory.

Tony Zemaitis the British Luther became a legend in his own lifetime. The favored guitar maker for such stars as Ronnie Wood, George Harrison, Eric Clapton… the list goes on. He pioneered hand-crafted guitars - producing beautifully decorated acoustics with phenomenal sustain and tone; stunning electrics with engraved metal or intricate pearl inlayed fronts; and all such great guitars to play. These instruments are truly “Art with Strings”. Tony Zemaitis was the Luther who virtually created the ‘boutique guitar’.
About the Zemaitis Custom Shop:
“In true Zemaitis tradition, we only use the very best materials and components.”
Celebrating Zemaitis’ 50th year, the Metal Front™, Disc Front™, Pearl Front™ and all other Zemaitis guitars are now being built by the highly experienced team of Luther's and technicians at the Zemaitis Quality Custom Shop in Japan - reproducing the high level of Zemaitis quality, sound and playability of the original Zemaitis guitars.

The highly experienced team of luthiers and technicians at the Zemaitis Custom Shop are proud to be reproducing the original high level of quality, sound and playability of Zemaitis.
They don't compromise on the cost of materials or time needed to 'get it right' - they just want to give you the best guitars in the world.

Engraved Metalwork
All metalwork including the badge, truss rod cover, pickup mount rings, tailpiece, jack plate and the rear plate are designed by Danny O'Brien and produced by hand by our master engravers.

Bridge / Tailpiece
The bridge and tailpiece was designed by Tony Zemaitis, for perfect intonation, ultimate sustain and tonality. Made of Duralumin and with the Zemaitis name beautifully engraved to match all of the metalwork.

The majority of Zemaitis guitars feature DiMarzio DP103 pickups, which have a 'brushed-chrome' finish. The pickup mount rings are also made of Duralumin to complement the bridge.

Zemaitis Method Set-in Neck
The neck joint is a critical part of a top-quality guitar. Tony Zemaitis only ever used glued-in joints. He experimented with various types of set-in neck joints with the aim of achieving the best possible results and designed a special technique where the neck was set further into the body than mainstream construction methods. The Zemaitis neck joint enables the neck and body to have more surface area in contact. This increases the durability of the whole guitar as well as enhancing string vibration, tone and sustain.

Neck / Scale
25" scale with a 3-piece Honduras mahogany construction as used by Tony Zemaitis for strength and stability. It has an ebony fingerboard with binding, precision frets and the perfect shaped neck for playability - all undertaken by our experienced craftsman in the Zemaitis custom shop.

Without compromise we use the best high quality low-noise components and wiring components available. All of this ensures smooth control and durability for your Zemaitis guitars.

The finish of Zemaitis guitars is another key quality of the instrument. Tony had a special hand-finishing technique involving multiple coats of hand-applied lacquer and rubbing-down by hand in-between each coat.

This process takes 4-5 times longer than a typical 'spray finished' factory-guitar but it gives you the wonderful look and feel of a hand-built vintage guitar. We continue this art of hand-finishing at our small custom shop where our master craftsmen hand-polish each individual guitar.

Hand-polishing gives the guitar a silky touch which is unlike anything else - when played. Tony also chose this method because you get a very strong but thin coating. This enables the natural acoustic qualities of the wood to come through - so get a better sound too.

Finest Quality & Materials
In true Zemaitis tradition, we hand-craft using only the very best materials and components: Honduras mahogany bodies and necks; ebony fingerboards; DiMarzio pickups; hand crafted bridges and tail-pieces; hand engraving; hand-polishing - Zemaitis guitars are the best quality that money can buy.

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